This And That About Warehouse Security

This And That About Warehouse Security

Warehouses play a vital role in society today. Various companies, including those right here in Austin, use them to store products, equipment, and more. These buildings have thick concrete walls and sturdy, robust doors to keep the items safe. Some...Read More

Security Tips For Organizations In The Retail Industry

Security Tips For Organizations In The Retail Industry

People that decide to go into business for themselves have a bunch of industries to choose between. On many occasions, individuals elect to open retail stores or outlets. Why? Well, if Austin proprietors appeal to the correct audience and offer the...Read More


3 Reasons Your Company Should Already Have Surveillance Cameras

A lot can happen in a workplace.  Customers and clients can steal things big and small, employees can take advantage of their employer’s trust and take money out of the till, angry visitors can make a scene and threaten to sue, and...Read More


Keeping Your Hotel Secure And Your Guests Safe

Even the highest rated hotels are vulnerable to cyber attacks, theft, fraud, break-ins and other crimes. Hotels have a duty to keep their guests safe from these attacks. If they cannot, they can quickly find themselves losing business and...Read More


Security Cameras Can Keep Businesses And Schools Safe

A robust security system is important for all kinds of businesses, schools, and other institutions.  Security is one of our basic needs as people, and without it we can become stressed, paranoid, and too preoccupied to deal with other important...Read More


4 Important Details A Good Security Camera Can Spot

Surveillance cameras are a useful part of any company’s security system, and almost every business with a physical location can benefit from installing at least one.  A camera gives you an extra set of eyes, plus a video recording can be...Read More


Every Business Deserves Strong Security

No matter what kind of industry you’re in or what sort of building you work in, you have assets that are worth protecting.  They could be secret recipes and expensive kitchen equipment, piles of goods and dozens of shelves, rows of...Read More


4 Big Improvements In 15 Years Of Surveillance Camera Tech

High-tech fields like phones, computers, and software design are always advancing quickly.  15 years ago were exceptions rather than the rule, computers were much slower, and VR technology was still a mistake of the past rather than a wave of...Read More


Why You Need HD Security Cameras

When it comes to video cameras and the images and footages from them, you want to make sure to have the highest definition and level of clarity possible. The cameras job is to monitor the property, deter crime, and capture video footage. If that...Read More


Understanding the Differences Between IP and CCTV Cameras

Many people already know about CCTV cameras − even if they haven't had any experience with them at all. They are made mention of in movies, and they are probably used at many businesses that you frequent.  While they may be a popular...Read More


Why Every Business Can Benefit from a Security System

Every business or commercial property can benefit from having the right security system in place for different reasons. When you take the steps to protect your business, you are also protecting your employees, your assets, and your investment as...Read More


When Are Burglaries And Vehicle Thefts Most Likely To Occur?

Firstly, let's start by saying that there is no specific date, time, or place that dictates when a burglary or auto theft will occur. In many cases, these incidents are merely crimes of opportunity. So, if the opportunity presents itself...Read More


Are Security Guards The Best Fit For Your Business?

Security guards used to be something of a security standard for many businesses for many years. You might see them guarding the entrances of high profile businesses and banks, even in the Austin, TX area. The issue with security guards, however, is...Read More

Can A Security System Help Curb Workplace Violence?

Can A Security System Help Curb Workplace Violence?

Security systems are useful for a range of different things. For one, in a Austin home or office setting, the devices can be useful for deterring burglars and stopping break-ins. They can also be helpful to parents for keeping an eye on their kids...Read More

Staying Safe at Home: Security Tips for the Elderly

Staying Safe at Home: Security Tips for the Elderly

The elderly have become a target for crime, and this has been increasing over the last few years. They are being targeted with various phone scams, fraud, and financial issues. In addition to all this, they are also susceptible to crimes in their...Read More