What Ways Can You Integrate A Security System?

December 31st, 2021

A serious business security system is complex and uses several methods and many layers to protect the valuable property, information, and employees in your office, factory, storefront, complex, or other workplaces in Austin, TX.  These systems include access control like employee keycards and guest escorts, surveillance using cameras and guard patrols, alarm systems for burglaries, fires, and natural disasters, and cybersecurity that protects against hackers and other online dangers.  When you put them all together you get a tough security system that will cause any thief to think twice.

But just how “all together” is your security system?  Do all the parts communicate with each other, or did you upgrade each section independently using different technology?  An integrated security system can multiply the effectiveness of each component, so going through the trouble of integration is more than worth the time and expense.

Improve Threat Response With Communication

When the different parts of your security system are able to communicate directly, each component can become much more effective.  For instance, if you set a security camera by the front entrance to your Austin, TX building and use an electronic locking system, a security guard watching the feed can shut down the card reader and lock the entrance if they detect suspicious behavior.  If someone sets off your security alarm it could automatically lock down the building to prevent any thieves from escaping, or a fire alarm could automatically open every door so your employees can evacuate the building.

Make Employee Access Simpler

Aside from helping with threats, an integrated security system can also make the lives of your honest employees easier.  A single access control system that works the same throughout your building or buildings in Austin, TX will let your employees move throughout their authorized areas without having to wait too long to get access to somewhere new.  An integrated cybersecurity system can also make it easier for employees to communicate with each other using secure, authorized methods.  If any questions come up, integrated security footage and access logs can quickly determine what your employee has been up to.

Integrate With More Than Just Security

With the right software and access systems, your integrated security network can do more than just keep people and property safe.  You can connect it to automatic lights so that both lights and cameras turn on when motion sensors detect movement in a room.  During an evacuation emergency, these lights can also point the way towards the exit.  You can also connect your HVAC system and change the settings to low-power mode when no one is in a room or a wing of the building.

Depending on when you get your security systems and how you go about upgrading them, putting together an integrated system may add more time and money to the process.  However, this extra expense is worth it because of all the advantages this integration can give you.  With better security, smoother employee access, and more integrated electronics in general, it’s easy to see how security integration has its advantages.