Security Cameras And Business Liability

July 31st, 2019

Throughout America, states have something called “premises liability” or “slip-and-fall” laws.  Basically, if someone gets in an accident on your property or premises, and if the accident was your fault through recklessness or negligence, you’re responsible for paying the damages.  These cases can be long and difficult if they’re just your word against an injured customer, but that’s where security cameras can come in handy.

Lawsuit Prevention

When someone suffers an accident, they’re often angry and not thinking straight.  When someone accuses a business owner of causing an accident, they often get angry, too.  However, a security camera doesn’t get angry.  It shows you exactly what happened (at least from its perspective) and will show you exactly the same thing every time you watch the recording.  It can make it clear what really happened and who’s responsible so you won’t have to go to court to prove it.

Crime Prevention

Sometimes the victims of crimes will sue the business it happened in.  This is because a business has a responsibility to keep its customers reasonably safe while they’re on the premises.  You don’t have to prevent every crime, but visible cameras are part of this reasonable security because they can deter potential criminals from acting.

Insurance Evidence

Sometimes it’s not the customers but the business itself that suffers from an accident or a crime.  A parked driver could hit the wrong pedal and smash into your glass storefront, or a burglar could break in after closing and break into the safe.  Cameras provide video evidence of what happened and who did it, and that’s important when the time comes to get an insurer to pay for damages.

Businesses need to protect themselves from criminals, false claims, and long lawsuits, and security cameras can help with all three.   You can contact Dyezz Surveillance and Security if you want to know more.