Assessing Your Business Security Camera Investment

Assessing Your Business Security Camera Investment

When you make an investment in your Austin,TX property, you want to make the right investment, and this includes your business security camera system. Investing in a system that is not the right fit for your business is not going to yield the results you’re looking for. Investing in the wrong security camera for your TX business may mean not capturing the footage you need to keep your property safe and secure. 

What To Look For In Your Business Security Camera System 

There are several features a business owner in TX should look for in their security camera system. However, one stands above all the rest, and that is resolution. The resolution of the camera you choose will impact the price of your investment, but it’s a price worth paying as higher resolution systems will provide better footage. While resolution technology has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years, low-resolution systems are still out there on the market. 

Resolution can be somewhat overwhelming to learn about for those who may not be particularly tech-savvy. What it refers to is just how much footage your system will be able to capture, and the quality of the footage your system is capturing. A resolution of 256*256 will provide extremely low clarity, while 4k resolution will show even minute detail. Some common resolutions one will find with security cameras are: 

  • 640*480 – This resolution is typically what is used when sending a photo over email or posting an average photo on a website. 
  • 1216*912 – When printing high-quality photos, this is the usual resolution used. 
  • 1600*1200 – This resolution is considered HD, or high definition, and what you may see when having photos printed professionally at a photo lab. For business security camera systems, this can be a suitable resolution option.
  • 2240*1680 – This resolution is what you will typically experience when using a 4k camera for taking photos, or printing larger prints professionally. 
  • 4064*2074 – Considered top quality resolution, it’s what one is like to experience when using an 11MP camera. This is an ideal resolution for monitoring businesses of any kind. 

Resolution isn’t the only consideration one should make when investing in TX business security cameras. The ability to crop images at high resolution is also important. If a business owner is picking out a particular person or event of interest on their security camera footage, they will want to be able to crop these images and retain high picture quality. Cameras with 4k capabilities are able to resize, crop, and print while retaining the quality of footage a business owner is looking for. 

Invest In The Best Security Camera Systems 

The best security camera systems give business owners peace of mind that they’re always in control of their safety and security. Not only this, but employees and patrons feel the effects of a safer environment as well, helping to create a happier and more successful business. To learn more about the highest quality business security camera systems, contact us today. 

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