Dont Skimp Out On Business Security Now And Face The Headaches Later

November 14th, 2019

Businesses can't afford to leave things to chance when it comes to security. Why? Well, for one, if workers feel like they are in danger at the workplace, they probably won't work there for very long. In other words, the establishment can appear as if it is a revolving door with current employees continually leaving and new ones arriving. Plus, all employers have legal obligations to keep agents, customers, and anyone else who visits the premises safe. As such, failing to do so could entangle them in a lawsuit.


Video Security Offers Many Benefits


If customers feel like their health and well-being are at risk, they will surely head to competitors for their goods or services, and who can blame them? They want to know that the organization cares about them. Surveillance cameras could be just what the doctor ordered for showing them just that. Consumers will understand that somebody is watching their backs while they are walking through the parking lot, taking the stairs, or searching for specific items on aisles.


When an organization doesn't have these devices in place, and clients do business somewhere else, the company will take a hit when it comes to sales and profits. With establishments paying close attention to bottom lines, the real question is, can you afford to sit back and do nothing? Curious proprietors should stay put to discover even more reasons why they should invest in video security.


Keep A Watchful Eye On Employees

Firstly, before installing security cameras, employers should inform all of their workers that their activities will be being monitored. It is a good idea to create a clear and detailed policy regarding the situation for the company handbook. Additionally, business owners will want to have the agents sign a document stating that they understand the procedures. This action will prevent issues from arising later on.


Organizations need to monitor staff members to ensure that employee theft is not occurring. According to an article published on the Incorp website, estimates range from $20 billion to $50 billion, making it one of the most costly and widespread challenges that businesses face today. Slipping money from the cash till, taking a product here or there, and offering discounts to friends are all big no-nos. So, don't get taken advantage of by installing cameras to keep workers honest.


Stop Fraud In Its Tracks

It is not uncommon to find a few bad eggs in every batch of employees. They don't truly care about the company or its success. Thus, if an opportunity arises for them to earn some extra cash, they are sure to take it. For example, the person could see a spill that someone has not cleaned up yet. Instead of grabbing a mop, he or she could easily lay down and fake an injury. Security cameras give employers undeniable proof to discredit such claims. Hence, protect yourself and don't shell out substantial sums in compensation for no reason with the devices.


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