Is Your Home Automation System Safe And Secure?

Is Your Home Automation System Safe And Secure?

Home automation is not only incredibly convenient; it’s been an incredible advancement in home security as well. Using a home automation system, homeowners can access locks, security cameras, alarm systems, and more, and only with the touch of a finger on a tablet, smartphone, or laptop computer. While this is a great thing for homeowners convenience, one should also keep in mind that anything they can control technologically can also be hacked. If your system itself isn’t properly secured, it can be very easily penetrated and accessed by those unauthorized to do so.

Tips For Protecting Your Home Automation System

In order to get the most from your home automation system, it should be amply protected. 6 tips for protecting your home automation system are:

Securing your network – Securing your Austin network should be one of the very first steps you take in securing your home automation. A strong firewall, strong passwords, and a secure router are just some basic steps one can take to have peace of mind that their network is being kept safe.

Keep your passwords fresh – Coming up with a great password for your Austin,TX network one time simply isn’t enough. One should switch up their passwords frequently to ensure their network is no easy feat to break in to. When changing up these passwords, avoid using any obvious bits of information about yourself, your home, or your family, and stick to a more random word, number, and symbol combination choices.

Check up on your camera IP logs – Your camera IP logs hold within them very important bits of information if you know what to look out for. These reviewable logs will show you if anyone has tried or succeeded to log into your system with a different IP address, letting you know if your security needs to be ramped up.

Check your apps – Mobile devices and the apps they hold can be ticking time bombs in terms of network security if they’re not kept secure. Any device that has been compromised and then accesses your home security network can open your network up to unwanted access from outside sources.

Don’t use public WiFi – Public WiFi might seem convenient, but most are quite insecure. These lacks of security make it easy for hackers to access your devices while on public WiFi, and then take this information with them as you travel back home.

Install the latest security software – The latest security software is made to protect against the latest threats, and cybersecurity threats are evolving all the time. By keeping up to date security software on all of your devices, you’re providing additional security to your network.

Cyber Security For Home Security

Home automation systems in Austin,TX only add to your security when your network is kept secure. If you’d like to learn more about how to better secure your home network, or what home automation security can do for your peace of mind, contact us today.

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