What Else Can Security Cameras Do?

February 24th, 2022

One investment that can add more protection and peace of mind to your Austin, TX home or business is a security camera system. These cameras are great because, when they see things clearly, they are infallible witnesses that can help with criminal investigations and even prosecution in court.

However, if you are thinking about getting surveillance cameras you can do a lot more than just enjoy some criminal deterrence. Surveillance cameras can do a lot of other things for you, and here are some of the biggest advantages.

Be An Effective Neighborhood Watch Element

Surveillance cameras protect your Austin, TX home or business, but, when integrated as part of a larger network, they can protect your neighborhood. If others in your neighborhood are also setting up cameras, think about adding a few extra, not just for coverage of your own home, but the street.

This way, if there are any break-ins, or even rumors about people cruising in cars, talking to children, one of these cameras could provide vital clues to help the police.

Keep Peace In The Home

If you have strangers regularly coming into your home, such as people to clean the home, the swimming pool, or gardeners for landscaping maintenance, surveillance cameras inside the house can ensure that everyone is on their best behavior. Unfortunately, theft from workers does sometimes happen, but this will either deter them from doing so or, if they proceed, provide the evidence.

This can also be great for ensuring the proper behavior of pets and children. Because surveillance cameras are wireless, you can check on the footage any time you like from devices like your smartphone. You can check to see if the children have come, or even snuck out. You can review footage to find out if the dog really did knock something over, or the pets are being blamed for something one of the children did.

Keep Your Parents Safe

If you’ve got elderly parents that want to continue living in their own home, but are now at the age where mobility, fragility or senility are becoming issues, surveillance cameras inside can help. If you call their home and no one answers, but you know they should be home, for example, the cameras can quickly let you see if everything is all right, or if they’ve fallen and are unable to call for help.

Employee Supervision

If your cameras are at your workplace, having some inside the workplace can help improve your business practices. Not only can more carefully review how employees work, whether they are taking proper safety precautions, and reduce your chances of internal theft, you can even use these cameras to resolve disputes.

For example, if a customer makes one claim about poor customer treatment, but your employee claims otherwise, a review of the footage—especially if your cameras also pick up the audio—can quickly put your employee in the clear, and perhaps even help you avoid a fraudulent claim.

There are plenty of additional uses for surveillance cameras besides just protection from crime. If you’re interested in having your own camera network, contact us. We can help find the right one for you.