The Future Of Security Drones Robots And AI

January 4th, 2022

Technology is developing across the security industry at a lightning fast pace. As a result, newer and more sophisticated security technologies are coming out every year. Some of the most advanced technologies are unmanned ground vehicles (UGV), unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), and artificial intelligence (AI). These tools aren’t widely implemented by business across TX because they are currently still very expensive, but soon enough they will be affordable for nearly every business.

How UGVs Will Support Security Professionals

UGVs are basically robotic ground vehicles. One of the most famous UGV is the Mars Rover. UGVs can be driven by manual remote control, preprogrammed with specific routes, or driven by AI technology. Unlike traditional ground vehicles, they can be used in areas where it is dangerous for a manned vehicle to enter. They can also be used in highly remote areas. UGVs can be sent out on patrol to monitor and collect information when a premise is very large or there are limitations on manpower or staff to conduct patrols.  

How UAVs Will Support Security Professionals

UAVs are basically sky drones. Like UGVs they can be manually driven, programmed with patrol routes, or guided by AI technology. UGVs are great for site surveillance, especially in a business with a large amount of property. They can be flown over an entire premises to monitor activity. They can collect site data, record footage and sound, and view areas that are too dangerous for manned vehicles to go. UAVs will be especially useful in perimeter security.

How AI Will Support Security Professionals

AI is a key piece of the efficacy of UGVs and UAVs. Though the mechanical and software technology is there to have fully function robots and drones, they aren’t much different than a standard patrol vehicle now. Interfaced with AI however, they will be able to do much more than just record footage. They’ll identify unusual activity, communicate threats, and respond to emergencies. UGVs and UAVs will not only collect information, but will be able to use complex AI algorithms to analyze the data collected.

Where This Technology Is Today

Though UAVs, UGVs, and AI are all being used today by business across TX, the technology is not quite sophisticated enough for broad usage. Right now they require a lot of manual power to utilize them and there have been some incidents across the country to show they aren’t quite advanced enough to be a full replacement for our current technologies. For example, a security patrol robot ended up face down in a fountain in Washington DC because it didn’t recognize it needed to stop and turn. However, programmers and engineers are constantly working to improve these processes and make them more effective than ever.

So for now, they are a novel technology. However, in the future, it’s likely your TX business will use at least one of these newer technologies to meet your security needs. So it’s great to start thinking now how you might use them at your company.