Should You Monitor Your Porch With A Security Camera?

January 7th, 2022

Security cameras are for more than just recording things inside a business or a home. Of course, Austin proprietors and homeowners can benefit from having the surveillance equipment inside, but that is for another discussion. This post will talk about the benefits of installing a security camera on both your front and back porch. Most people like to believe that they live in a good neighborhood where neighbors watch out for each other.

However, burglars are excellent at disguising themselves to look as if they belong. Then, they can sneak into an empty house dressed as a repair or delivery person without anyone being the wiser. A recent study from April 2016 shows that most robberies occur during the day. That doesn't mean that they can't happen at night and under cover of darkness though. So, for these reasons alone, yes, it is a good idea to install cameras on your porches.

Detect Who Is Coming Up To Your Front Or Back Door Even If You Aren't Home

The majority of today's security systems are compatible with smartphones via apps. Therefore, if a Austin homeowner is at work, traveling, or just driving to the store, the system will alert them to a  person's presence. Some models even have audio features that allow the individual to talk to the trespasser, which enables them to discover who they are and what their intentions are. If the character does not belong, the homeowner can contact the police about the situation. They may increase patrols in the area to try and spot the person to find out what he or she is doing skulking about properties.

Don't Forget About Package Thieves

A 2015 report estimated that 23-million Americans fell victim to porch pirates in that year. It doesn't have to be the holiday season for these criminals to strike. Rather, a Austin resident may have their packages stolen at any time of the year. A front porch security camera may not stop the incident altogether. However, it will record the person in the act. Additionally, depending on which way the device is pointed, it may capture the vehicle they are using as well. Then, the video can be turned over to the police so that they can identify and apprehend the suspect. Hence, justice will be served as the guilty party will go to jail. 

Yet, Another Reason To Have Porch Security Cameras

Parents that have teenagers know that they can be quite a handful at times. If guardians believe the young adults are sneaking out the front or back door in the middle of the night, they can watch the footage to catch them red-handed. Of course, teens are great at coming up with stories or denying claims of wrongdoing, but the parent can use the video to justify the punishment that they choose to dish out. Folks like to think that they raised their children right and this could never happen, but they might become shocked by what they see after installing the cameras.