Security Technology Is Good For More Than Just Maintaining A Secure Space

April 19th, 2019

Financial planning for a new security investment can be a complex process. For businesses in Austin, TX, security isn’t typically viewed as a profit contributor. However, the way security is being viewed is changing as technology develops, and Austin businesses realize more and more all of the non-traditional ways their security systems contribute to their bottom line. Whether it’s a security camera, access control, or intrusion systems, security has many more uses than simply keeping areas safe.

Security Systems Benefitting Your Legal Team

Security systems are particularly beneficial in compliance verification and keep fraud under control – both factors providing great aid to a business or organization’s legal team. A few real-world examples of security systems benefitting legal teams include:

  • Safeguarding against insurance fraud after an accident – One American large transit district found on their security systems that they may have been being duped with false lawsuits and claims for years. During minor traffic accidents in their vehicles, people would board buses while the driver was distracted exchanging information with the other drivers in accidents. These new passengers would then claim injury in the accident, filing claims for medical bills and lost wages, despite never having been on the bus when the accident occurred.
  • Safeguarding against false slip and fall cases – A national entertainment brand cut their slip and fall settlements paid out by more than $100,000 per year after they installed security cameras around their locations. They found that fraudulent or “set up” slip and fall cases were being reported, and were able to use the video footage as evidence.
  • Protection against employee claims – It’s not just clients, customers, or visitors who may decide to file a claim or a lawsuit against your company. Austin, TX businesses and organizations would like to believe they can trust their employees, but this isn’t always the case. Security cameras placed strategically around the property can capture slip and falls, accidents, or other claim events on film.

Ensuring You Get The Best Benefit From Your Security System

In court, video footage from a security system is considered to be a “silent witness”. If security cameras are not well-placed and footage isn’t complete, the evidence could be thrown out in court and therefore not the help to your legal team you wanted it to be. A security system should be installed to capture entire frames of a space, and they should be amply maintained to ensure all images captured are crisp, clear, and decisive.

There are several non-traditional ways in which a security system can aid your business or organization financially as well as with its safety potential. With the right professional installation and care, a great security system can be a brand’s best protection against the prospect of fraud, lawsuits, and false claims. Just as the security system deters crimes like burglary or vandalism, it also holds the potential to deter employees, visitors, or clients from considering a fraudulent injury or lawsuit situation.