Security For Safer Community Parks

February 16th, 2023

City and community parks in Austin, TX are places where families can gather and spend quality time with one another. This is where friends will join up after school, where mothers will take their little ones during the day, and where people of the greater Austin, TX will enjoy their exercise with a little bit of fresh air. Because individuals are likely to have their guard down at the park, this is also commonplace for criminals to strike. Those who may be preying on people of the community with various scams, pickpockets, and worse can take advantage of these gathering places and how “safe” many feel while they’re in them. 

A safer community park in Austin, TX is a happier community park, and it’s one that can improve the curb appeal of your community rather than hinder it. With a dangerous park or a park that is viewed as such, your community as a whole can take a hit to the reputation. Making parks safer should be a top priority for all community management teams, and modern technology has never made it as easy as it is today. 

Tips For Safer Community Parks 

A few tips can show community leaders just how easy it is to improve safety in public park areas. A few safety tips and security layers that should be incorporated into your area community park are: 

  1. IP Video Surveillance – When parks and recreation officials can keep watch on the park, they can keep watch on any goings-on that may occur on the property. These IP video surveillance systems allow officials to view live and archived pieces of footage, allowing them to keep watch on the park or sift through bits of footage to find any evidence of instances occurring. With IP video surveillance systems in place, criminals know they’re far more likely to be caught, deterring them from using the park as a target in the first place. 

  1. Motion sensor lighting – Criminals depend on the cover of darkness to keep them hidden while they carry out their crimes. Motion sensor lighting ensures that criminals cannot depend on the dark, as lights turn on whenever they sense motion in an area. Additionally, they also help your camera systems to pick up clear footage of activity areas in the park. 

  1. Access control – Few individuals have good intentions when they visit a park long after dark, and access control ensures you can uphold park hours rules. Remote access control can even help you to lock up the park from anywhere and at any time. With access control, park officials may still enter the park if granted access, but everyone else will be kept out. 

Protecting Your Park 

The technologies available today in the field of security are better than ever, and they can be used to keep local public parks safe and happy spaces for the families of the community. If you’re interested in improving your park security, contact us today.