Hackers of Healthcare 3 Threats That Its Security Faces in 2020

April 17th, 2020

Even in times of crises as one that the world faces, hospital and healthcare threats go beyond the physical illnesses that burden both the medical professionals and the patients. As if the ills are not enough to make work in this industry hard, cybersecurity threats do not magically disappear. 


Despite these trying times, hospitals and medical institutions need to address healthcare data security concerns. To truly adhere to this oath as well as the ethical needs of data privacy and protection. Here are a few concerns that most hospitals need to address to ensure holistic patient care.


The Value of Patient Data


While most people assume that banks and financial institutions are the main targets of hackers, healthcare facilities are not saved from this distress. In fact, they can become an even more valuable target, especially those that operate in Austin.


Security experts state that healthcare records are important because it involves a lot of one’s personal information that go beyond finance details. Imagine finances or modes of payment linked to one’s personal records and even for one’s medical records. While the goal is not to aggregate these records, hospitals need access to this kind of information because of many aspects, such as insurance and medical records, that are involved in getting proper treatment.


Easy Prey With Lack of Locks


To call hospitals as institutions holds another meaning. Compared to banks, where there is a need to update records because of the tendency to shift platforms--for instance, the need to conduct online banking--hospitals in Austin do not have the same urgency. When it comes to payments, some still prefer to pay with cash, whereas others will need to tap their insurance and health card.


Either way, what is unique to the healthcare industry’s security is that some systems become patched for newer security, whereas others struggle with old ones. The mismatch in systems may not be inconvenient in processing papers, but they are a gateway for hackers to get into the system and steal valuable information.


Mistake on the Inside


Not every security threat is a premeditated attack on the hospital or institution. In other cases, it can be as simple as a mistake that was done with no intentional harm. Hospitals in Austin are always exposed to a lot of threats, as healthcare is one of the busiest industries. Between attending to numerous patients and juggling records, staff can easily make mistakes without malicious intent.


In fact, this can happen as frequently as 12% of the time of all security incidents.  Research shows that these mistakes can be ordinary issues that involve logistics and underperformance of a system. This is especially common for hospitals that are underfunded, and are forced to use old computers.


If you want to keep patients, staff, and even visitors protected from any healthcare threats, it’s best to tap a professional security provider that can set up a complete system to protect your data. Dyezz Surveillance & Security offers a wide array of solutions that answer challenges in the healthcare industry. By having well-rounded care, this ensures that the different securities of integrated systems and individual departments can be properly addressed. Get in touch and get your quote now.