City Security Trends From 2018

April 17th, 2019

Like those in Austin, TX know, an increase in population, traffic, and activity will come with an increase of human-made risk. Metropolitan areas around Austin and all throughout the country are making major investments in enhancing the experiences they offer to residents and visitors, and doing so by strategic economic, cultural, and social development. These investments in creating greater cities comes along with an influx of visitors and residents, as well as new opportunities for festivals, celebrations, and gatherings of all kinds.

These vibrant environments are supposed to be filled with fun and community, but they also present some specific and potentially serious security risks. A lack of proper security could lead to opportunity for tragedies to occur.

Keeping The Fun In Citywide Activities

Whether in Austin, TX, or in any city throughout the United States, it’s important to keep the fun in citywide activities. Without property security, the fun isn’t genuine, and a few of the top city security trends for the year 2018 were:

  • Video surveillance – Video surveillance gives security teams a way to keep their eye everywhere even if they can only be in one physical location at once. Using video surveillance technology with multiple cameras and remote access, a security team can keep watch on vast areas of a festival or event and let the boots on the ground know if anything suspicious is spotted. If an event does occur that breaches security, they will additionally have the act captured on the footage for legal purposes.
  • Roadblocks – One devastating tactic used by those looking to commit terroristic acts is to use vehicles in a “soft target” strategy. Such attacks have been seen in New York and London in recent years. Roadblocks ensure that any unauthorized vehicles are not permitted entry into the grounds of the festival or event, thereby keeping the crowds of people enjoying the celebration safe and carefree.
  • Access control – Access control ensures that only authorized individuals are provided access to certain locations throughout an event. For music festivals or events with speakers or entertainers, access control ensures the safety and security of entertainment and personnel.
  • Security personnel – Increased physical security personnel ensures that all potential security threats are subdued quickly, and provides peace of mind to all event attendees. For events in particular, increased security personnel can be placed at all major entertainment areas, entrances, and exits.
  • Having emergency responders on location – Even if the event goes off without a hitch, having emergency responders and personnel on location helps to make attendees simply feel safer.

Safe Cities For Safe Events

The top security trends for citywide activities are the top trends for a reason – they work to keep people safe. By paying close attention to adequate security measures for concerts, festivals, and other city events, attendees will be left feeling safe and more likely to come back for additional events in your city in the future. American cities like Austin have a lot to offer residents and visitors, and safe events provide just the setting to celebrate all of these offerings to all who attend.