Alarm Features That Show A System Is For More Than Just Preventing Burglaries

April 10th, 2020

Austin homeowners choose to get alarms for different reasons. For some, the venture is just what the doctor ordered for lowering insurance premiums. Meanwhile, others elect to obtain systems to keep their families safe and sound. If a monitoring company keeps tabs on what is happening with the equipment, persons gain peace of mind in knowing their loved ones are protected from burglars and other criminals 24/7.

Don't be mistaken, an alarm won't stop every break-in, but the monitored system does ensure that somebody will know about the incident right away and contact the police department. Hence, it stands to reason that officers will arrive on the scene, shortly after the disturbance occurs, to investigate the situation. They can scare the Austin criminals off, or even better, hopefully, catch and throw them behind bars.


It doesn't matter what a person's reason is for getting an alarm, that is not the focal point of this article. Rather, it will be focusing on some of the other features that make them must-have security devices. Therefore, curious individuals should stay right here and read through the following sections to learn more.

A Top-Of-The-Line Alarm Detects Carbon Monoxide, Natural Gas, And Smoke


Plenty of people have fears surrounding their homes catching ablaze, and who can blame them really? Nobody wants to deal with the damages, injuries, and deaths associated with such disasters. With a monitored alarm, homeowners are able to sleep soundly throughout the night. How? Well, they know that the smoke and gas alarms are connected to their local emergency departments. Carbon monoxide is known as the silent killer because it has no odor. People may pass out before they realize what's going on. But, thanks to the carbon monoxide alarms being integrated with emergency personnel too, help is never far away.


An Alarm Can Recognize The Sound Of Breaking Glass Too

Believe it or not, most of the time, intruders enter a home through an unlocked door or window. So, Austin homeowners should be sure to check their locks now and again to make sure they are in the closed position and working correctly. However, that is not to say that a criminal won't smash the glass to gain entry, because, he or she will if they believe a big score is awaiting them inside.

Yes, this point does go back to breaking and entering, but it is a good feature nonetheless. It doesn't matter whether a burglar breaks a glass pane, or a homeowner falls through a glass patio door, the right people are directed to the issue. In either of the situations, persons obtain the assistance that they need.


Remote Arming And Disarming

This feature can be helpful in various ways. For one, if a homeowner regularly has chaotic mornings, tending to kids, getting ready for work, or doing whatever, they may forget whether they set the alarm or not before leaving the house. With the help of a smartphone, the individual can quickly check and arm the system if necessary. Let's say your brother is coming over for the weekend. He shows up at the house early Friday afternoon, but you are stuck at work. Providing that the brother has a spare key to use, you can disarm the alarm remotely, to let him inside.


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