Security System Sales In U.S. Schools Growing

Security System Sales In U.S. Schools Growing

Sales of security equipment and services in the United States educational industry rose to $2.7 billion last year. More and more schools are installing cameras in an attempt to keep students, faculty, and visitors safe. Austin, Texas alone has 129 schools. Make sure your campus is protected with a security camera. 


Austin Schools Are Taking Additional Safety Precautions 

Sometimes, just monitoring a situation is not enough to keep everyone safely out of harm's way. Thus, campuses are adapting accordingly and controlling entrances. With society becoming more prone to things like gun violence, and with what seems like no easy answer to the dilemma, it is not surprising that schools are looking at technology to combat these effects. 


High-Security Doors

Many Austin institutions are looking into having high-security doors with multipoint viewing systems installed. This action will put a protective barrier between students and presumed attackers. The new entryways will create multiple safe locations throughout the school for pupils and teachers to hide. 


Facial Recognition Technology  

Even if cameras are regularly monitored, the viewer is not always able to spot things that appear out of place. Adopting facial recognition capability allows the security system to remain on the lookout for threats. If an unrecognized individual is detected, administrators and staff can become notified of the potential danger quickly to prepare for the situation accordingly.


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