Four Security Tips To Protect Your Property Investment

Four Security Tips To Protect Your Property Investment

In the United States, a break-in occurs every 23 seconds. 34 percent of burglars enter through the front door and 22 percent go in through the back door. As a landlord, you not only want to make sure your property is safe but also be able to provide a secure environment for your leaseholders. You will never lack for tenants once it is known you take security and safety seriously when it comes to your property. There are some simple steps that you as a landlord can take to increase the security of your property and the safety of your tenants:


  1. Install Outdoor Surveillance Cameras:


If you are the owner of a multi-family building, consider installing outdoor security cameras around the perimeter of the property and parking areas. It is suggested you place cameras at these locations:


  • Back entrance
  • Common areas such as laundry and mailroom
  • Front entrances
  • Outside hallways
  • Stairwells


Not only will you deter burglars, but your tenants will benefit from the peace of mind they get knowing the property is being monitored.


  1. Position Lighting Properly


When your property is well-lit, it adds another layer of security and makes your tenants feel more secure. Some suggestions to place lighting include:


  • Entrances
  • Driveways
  • Parking Areas
  • Common Areas


You may even wish to consider installing motion detection lighting for extra security. This is especially helpful for properties such as vacation homes as they are not always occupied throughout the year.


  1. Secure Main Entrances


There are several ways you can increase safety for your property's entrances. This is especially important as we know it is the number one entry point for criminals. These include:


  • Installing deadbolt locks in addition to regular locks
  • Replacing doors with solid wood or metal to avoid being kicked in
  • Doorbell cameras, especially in vacation home rentals


Another ideal way to secure your property entrance is to install smart locks. This allows you and the tenant to control the locks from a smart device, eliminating the need for keys and keyholes that burglars can pick. It also reduces the cost of replacing lost keys or changing locks every time a tenant moves.


  1. Install Window Break Sensors:


Once you have protected your front door, you may want to consider glass-break detectors that trigger an alarm if the glass is broken. Most criminals will consider a window, especially if it is in the back or has a bush they can hide behind.


Protect Your Property And Your Tenants


If you really wish to secure not just your property but your tenants, install a monitored alarm system. This is not only one of the best security systems but also will save you money on insurance. Because all properties are different, the trained and certified technicians at Dyezz Surveillance & Security can help you determine your specific security needs. In business since 2001, we work hard to deliver a job that will exceed your expectations.

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