Unique Strategies For Better Parking Lot Security

March 27th, 2020

More than 1 in 10 property crimes in the United States occur in parking lots, including those in Austin, TX. Parking lots are the third most common place for violent crimes in the United States, with 1,400 occurring in parking lots across the country each year. For business property owners in Austin, TX, your overall security begins as soon as patrons, customers, clients, and others pull into your lot.


Parking lots can make or break an experience for those coming onto your property. For a retail establishment in Austin, TX, a dark or poorly secured parking lot can cause customers to simply choose to go elsewhere. They want to spend their money where they feel safe, appreciated, and like they’re given an environment for enjoying themselves, and an unsecured parking lot can take that all away.


How Can I Better My Parking Lot Security?


One can improve their parking lot security in a variety of ways, some more common or “basic”, and others less considered. Combining classic and unique approaches gives you a safer parking lot that shows your employees or customers that you care about the safety they’re feeling. Some strategies for better parking lot security include:


  • Install better lighting – It’s no secret that lighting makes us feel more secure, and for good reason. When a criminal is lurking in a parking lot to commit property crimes or worse, they want to do so under the cover of darkness. When it’s dark, a person is less likely to be seen or caught, and ideally a criminal will carry out their crimes without being spotted. Installing better lighting ensures it’s difficult to go unseen.


  • Limit distractions – When parking lots have distractions, individuals will be less likely to be paying attention to their general safety and security. Parking lots with flowerbeds, parking garages with murals or stylish designs, or parking areas with vending machines and maps take attention away from what should be spent on personal safety. When a person is distracted, they’re far easier to target.


  • Install security cameras – Security cameras are always watching, even when you can’t be. These act as a highly effective deterrent against crime, and they capture any actions on footage which can be used as evidence as needed later on. Criminals know this, and the mere presence of security cameras in a parking lot area can be enough to send them off of your property for good.



Better Parking For Safer Properties


It’s important to remember that your security starts at the very beginning of your property, and for many, this is the parking lot. With a properly secured parking lot, you can let employees or customers know that you consider their security a top priority. If you’re looking for that perfect security strategy for your parking lot or other border areas on your property, our professionals are here to help. Call us at Dyezz Surveillance & Security to learn more about improving your security strategy anywhere on your property today.