4 Reasons To Pay For Active Security Monitoring

December 6th, 2019

When you get a security system upgrade for your Austin, TX home or business, there are two basic ways to do it.  First, you can search for systems and parts online and install everything yourself.  Second, you can choose a local security company in your area and work with them to install a security system using the parts they recommend and the professional installers they employ.  By choosing a security company, you can also set up active monitoring for your alarm systems and possibly your security cameras.  There are several good reasons why this extra feature is worth paying for.


  1. Burglars Often Strike While You’re Away


Whether it’s a home or a business, burglars usually wait for everyone to be out of a building before they break in.  This is so they don’t have to worry about being interrupted or caught in the act.  This means that it’s very likely that when a burglar alarm goes off, you won’t be around to hear it.  By signing up for an active monitoring service, you’ll know when someone trips your burglar alarm no matter where you are because your security company will contact you immediately.


  1. Active Monitors Can Send Help Immediately


In most cases, burglar alarms and fire alarms don’t connect to emergency services like firefighters or the Austin, TX police directly.  Instead, they send their alerts to a security company, and the staff there will call emergency services once they’ve checked in with the owner to find out whether the alarm was a false positive.  If they can’t get in touch, they can send the police anyway.  Independent alarm systems only contact the owner, and that can lead to a long delay if you’re asleep or away from your phone.


  1. Security Companies Can Monitor For Several Emergencies


Thanks to today’s integrated security systems, a security company that offers active monitoring can keep track of more than just your burglar alarm.  It can also monitor other important sensors like smoke detectors, fire alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, and flood sensors.  They can then warn the owner and anyone else in the building before calling whichever emergency services are appropriate.


  1. Active Monitoring Can Save You Money On Security Staff


When you run a small business, hiring just one more employee is a big decision and a significant expense.  That’s worth thinking about if you want full-time round-the-clock security monitoring, because you’ll have to hire at least three full-time security employees to get it.  Active monitoring by a security company can give you the same results at a much smaller cost, making it a great way to save money without cutting corners.


Even if you’ve already installed a strong security system, it’s not too late to contact a security company in your area and nail down an active monitoring contract that will make the most of your alarm system.  If you live in Austin, TX, the company to call is Dyezz Surveillance and Security.  Our company will be happy to help answer your security questions and arrange a monitoring contract that works for you.