Top Locations For Home Security Cameras

Top Locations For Home Security Cameras

We’re fortunate in Austin, TX, and throughout the rest of the country to live in a time when property-related crime, like theft, is on the decline. It means we now live in a generally safer America, where things are better for us and our family than previous generations. But the drop in theft-related crime doesn’t mean that it’s gone away entirely and that you can leave doors and windows open with no fear of repercussions. Home security is still important, and you still need to take precautions.

One of the best things you can do for your home, your belongings and your family, is set up a home security camera system. Cameras are one of the best deterrents against burglars, because they increase the risk of being identified, and act as hard, admissible evidence in court. The goal of any criminal is, obviously, to try to do things the easy way. When you make your home difficult to break into and get away with it, you reduce your home’s appeal as a target. So if you’re thinking of setting up cameras in your Austin, TX home, you want to do whatever it takes to ensure thieves think twice. Camera placement is an important element of this deterrence strategy, and these are the best places to put your home surveillance cameras.

The Front Door

This is great both for security reasons, and even just helping to prevent other kinds of theft, such as unscrupulous thieves looking to pick up packages that are left at your door. It also acts as a deterrent against con men who may not want their images captured if they are attempting a door-to-door scam.

Off Street Windows

The windows that don’t face out into the street, such as side windows, obscured in shadow, is another place potential thieves may frequent. It gives them the opportunity to evaluate a home without being seen from the street, but the presence of a camera at these windows can quickly discourage this.

Basement Entrances

Some homes in Austin, TX will have a separate entrance leading to the basement. This may be for convenience, for even for residential purposes, such as a renter in a basement suite. Placing cameras here is another good way to keep thieves from using this as a point of entry.


Plenty of expensive equipment may be stored in garages from snow-blowers to premium gardening equipment to, of course, your vehicles. Cameras placed here can prevent theft of your valuables that aren’t actually stored in the home.


The backdoor and backyard itself are not visible from the street, and therefore a favorite spot for thieves to attempt entry, or to evaluate a home. By placing cameras in this location, you can quickly deter thieves from trying to avoid being seen on the street by hiding in your yard.

We Can Improve Your Security

Everyone deserves to live in safety and security. Contact us, if you want to get more peace of mind by having your home under a watchful eye that never sleeps or blinks.

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