Security Options For Those Who Rent Or Own

Security Options For Those Who Rent Or Own

Whether you own a house, or you rent an apartment, it’s important to have a place where you can feel safe. Home security should be a priority no matter what type of dwelling you live in, and many don’t realize that they have options even if they rent. While you’re in your personal space, you should be able to fully relax, and one cannot fully relax if their security hasn’t been taken care of.

According to a recent survey by Bankrate, the average homeowner will spend $130 on security per month, which is hardly a conveniently affordable amount when the months begin to stack up. For renters, these options will often involve hard wiring security elements into a space, which makes them not feasible for their living situation. Aware of these problems, the home security industry has begun to catch on, creating options that come at a lower cost and that may be used by anyone no matter where they live.

Modern Options For Owners And Renters Everywhere

The modern options available for home security are tailored towards both renters and owners. Some of these include:

Smartphone access – Smartphones are one of the most commonly cited reasons for the change in home security today. Smartphones are used almost universally, and home security products have taken to this new normal in a fresh and convenient way. Many small home security systems can be operated, monitored, and fully controlled using an Android or Apple smartphone app, and the actual camera unit may be taken with you wherever you may go. If something abnormal is caught on video or by your alarm, you’ll receive a smartphone alert in real time.

Easy on and off alarms – Easy on and off alarms don’t need to be installed into a dwelling to work properly. Alarm systems that may be activated and deactivated using a smartphone app or a key fob are the new tech-savvy normal, and they can be installed into rented or owned homes, including apartments.

Self-monitoring systems – Cutting out the common problem of high priced subscription services is self-monitoring systems. While these systems won’t have a team of professionals at the ready should anything tip off your security, you’re able to self-monitor your system. This really comes in handy for those who may have people coming and going often, like those with large families, who may accidentally trigger alarms when they don’t mean to. These self-monitoring systems may be installed without damage to your dwelling, so they may be used in any sort of home.

Security Options Are Out There For Everyone

Just as modern technology has provided progress in leaps and bounds for smartphone and computer technology, it has done the same for your home security options. No longer must a renter skip out on home security, or a homeowner pays high subscription fees month after month, as there is truly an option out there for every person in every situation today. No matter your home security concerns, there is a perfect system out there for you.

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