Is Your Home Ready For The 2019 Holiday Shopping Season?

Is Your Home Ready For The 2019 Holiday Shopping Season?

In the full swing of fall, and with Halloween over, families all over the United States are gearing up to begin their 2019 holiday shopping. According to a National Retail Federation survey, 40% of holiday shoppers have already begun their holiday shopping, and as expected, many consumers are taking their holiday shopping habits online. Whether in a big city, a suburb or anywhere across the United States, boxes are beginning to roll in onto doorsteps filled with holiday gifts across the nation.

It’s important, before you plug in your information and make those purchases, to make sure your home is ready for the onslaught of orders you’re set to receive. Porch pirates are a major problem all across the United States, and your specific area is certainly no exception.

Protecting Your Home From Porch Pirates

What are porch pirates? It’s a name coined for those who travel through neighborhoods looking for packages left on porches that they can get away with stealing. They see that coveted box on an unattended porch, and they sneak up to homes, take the box, and quickly drive away. Typically porch pirates will case neighborhoods by car, so they’re able to quickly hide the packages and make their getaway without being noticed. The holiday season is something of a “golden season” for porch pirates, who know just how online shopping increases during this time each year.

How can you protect your home from porch pirates? A few failsafe ways to protect yourself are:

  • Keep track of tracking – Most online retailers will provide tracking numbers once your orders ship out. These numbers can be plugged in by you, or formatted as a link, so you can watch your package’s journey from the store you’ve ordered from right to your front door. By keeping track of your tracking, you’ll know just when to expect your package to arrive at your home. This lets you get your order before porch pirates can get there first.

  • Use security cameras – Remote monitored security cameras or doorbell cameras are a porch pirate deterrent, a way to watch your packages while you’re away from home, and a way to catch thieves in the act. Your security cameras with remote monitoring can be checked at any time of day or night from anywhere, and if a thief should decide to steal your packages, their image can be sent to the authorities as evidence.

  • Consider a PO box – If you’re away from home for long periods of time, you can have your orders sent to a PO box so they’re never left on your doorstep at all. Your packages will be kept safe at the post office until you pick them up.

A Happier Holiday Season

No holiday shopper wants to be left without a gift, and this rings particularly true when they’ve purchased the gift and it’s fallen into the wrong hands. Making preparations is the best way to get peace of mind this holiday season, and Dyezz Surveillance & Security has all you need to do just that. If you’re looking to boost your porch security before this holiday season, call us at Dyezz today.

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