Home Security Options for Apartment Rentals

Home Security Options for Apartment Rentals

Far too many people assume that because you rent an apartment instead of owning a home, you are less likely to be burglarized. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. More apartment renters are actually burglarized more than those who own their homes, and this happens because they aren’t aware that even though they rent, they can still have a security system installed to protect the apartment.

Use Wireless Equipment

Most apartments will not allow you to drill several holes in the wall or do anything too drastic when it comes to altering the space to accommodate security cameras. However, a wireless security system is a good option to avoid any damage, and they are also incredibly easy to install.

Wireless security systems are reliable because they cannot be disabled or easily tampered with. When you move, you can also easily pack up your system and take it with you to your next destination.

Different Security Devices

There are several different security and home automation systems to choose from including smart door locks you can remotely control and window alarms that alert you if anyone tries to open the windows of the apartment.

And, of course, you will also have the security cameras, so you can see what is going on at home at all times whether you are there or not. Most modern security systems can be easily linked to your phone or another smart device, so you have remote access to your security system at all times and from anywhere.

Why You Should Consider a Security System as a Renter

You have possessions that are just as valuable as a homeowner would have, so why wouldn’t you want to take the steps to protect what’s yours? A lot of the time, thieves will look for an apartment that sits empty during the day, gain access, and find the best way to escape before you get home. They will usually always access the same door or window each time they enter the apartment as well.

In addition to having a security system installed, it is also a good idea to get to know your neighbors. Often knowing your neighbors and having them keep an eye out is good because it is just one more person that is watching for any suspicious activity.

If you want a bit more protection, you can also consider a security system with motion sensor lights so if there is any movement, the lights turn on and will alert your neighbors that someone is outside.

Check with Your Landlord

Before installing any kind of security system, you need first to gain permission from your landlord. As long as no damage is being done to the property, they will usually be on board with the process. However, it is always good to check first before you invest just in case they don’t care for the idea; you don’t want to be out money and have a system you can’t use.

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