Hiding Valuables in the Home The Best Spots

April 3rd, 2020

When it comes to protecting valuables in the home, many homeowners in Austin go to great lengths to make sure they secure what matters to them.

However, many don't realize that seasoned burglars and criminals are already aware of some of the more obvious hiding spots homeowners choose inside their house.

Today, we will go over the best spots to keep in mind when hiding valuables in the home so you can avoid the spots where thieves usually go first.

Find Good Hiding Spots

Did you know that a burglar spends an average of 8 to 12 minutes on a property? The first place where they typically start their hunt for valuables is almost always the master bedroom. Since they are trying to get in and out as quickly as possible without being seen, they go for the areas of the home where valuables are usually kept.

If you find a good and discreet spot to hide your valuables, the burglar may not have enough time to seek out that spot. Find an area that is time-consuming to access, such as an ordinary and unassuming location or even a customized space that only you know about.

The Best Hiding Places

Here are a few of the best hiding places people have chosen given that burglars don't always have the time to check every nook and cranny in your Austin home.

Old Appliances

If you have an older and outdated appliance in the home, you can hide your items in the frame of that machine. Burglars won't have time to disassemble it, and most of the time, they will think it is no longer in use and won't bother to look there anyway. This is a good hiding spot for items you don't need to take out every day, such as your birth certificate, deeds, or coin collections.

False Fixtures

These are hard-to-spot hiding places because the burglar isn't going to immediately think that the fixtures in your home are not real, so they won't take the time to check them out. Fake wall outlets, clocks, and air vents are some of the more popular false fixtures homeowners use. These places offer a good amount of accessibility, so you can get to the items you've hidden anytime you need them.

Decoy Containers

Another great spot is the pantry because it's a very unassuming spot. Meanwhile, decoy containers in cabinets look as if they are holding food or kitchen items but have a hollow spot where you can store your valuables. The chances are that the burglar will not go through every container in your pantry and cabinets even if they decide to look there.

To further protect your valuables, you should have a good home security system in place for your property in Austin, TX. It is always an excellent idea to prevent burglars from stepping foot in your home in the first place.

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