Follow This List To Maintain Your Home Security System

October 4th, 2019

Follow This List To Maintain Your Home Security Syste>

4,800 burglaries take place every day in the United States.  That’s one for every 18 seconds.  It’s because of statistics like these that many homeowners buy security systems that give them something better than sliding door latches and deadbolt locks to keep intruders out of their homes and away from their belongings.  However, a security system can only give you its best results when you keep it maintained, so it’s important to inspect it regularly and make sure everything is working properly.

Check Batteries And Power Connections

Just about every advanced security system uses electricity for some or all of its features.  Cameras, advanced locks, and sensors can all add a lot more security to your home, but they won’t be much help if they don’t have any power.  Your weekly inspection should check the batteries and power cords for the following features:

  • Control panels
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Door and window sensors
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide sensors
  • Electronic locks

Different security features use power at different rates, so as you inspect keep in mind how long the batteries are supposed to last.

Check The Perimeter

Checking the perimeter of your property lets you inspect your outdoor security equipment and look for other weaknesses.  Your inspection should include:

  • Making sure all your outdoor lights work properly
  • Spotting overgrown trees and bushes that could conceal someone or make it easy to get over fences and barrier>
  • Inspecting door locks and window latches
  • Wiping off camera lenses and clearing any debri>
  • Looking for holes in fences and warping in door and window frame>

Test The System

Your alarm system should go off when someone opens a window or a door while it’s armed.  Depending on its features it might also go off if it hears a window shatter or if it senses someone walking moving through a downstairs room.  However, a sensor could malfunction or the control panel could fail to notify your security company with an alert.  That’s why you should regularly test the control panel to make sure everything is still working.  The way this test works will depend on the brand and model of your.

Check Other Safety Equipment

Aside from your security system, homes should also have other important safety equipment.  A regular security inspection is a good time to check these other features and equipment, so make sure you also:

  • Check that a fire extinguisher is on every floor of your home, with at least one in the kitchen itself
  • Ask your kids if they remember what to do in case of fire, flooding, and other disaster situations
  • Go over the safety rules with everyone in the house, including when to lock the door, how to use the security alarm, and what to do if a stranger comes to the door

Your inspection routine should also include a professional inspection at least once per year.  At Dyezz Surveillance and Security, we’re happy to provide regular inspections and maintenance for our clients.  Contact us directly to learn more about our service options.