Fences: A Great Addition To Your Home Security System

Fences: A Great Addition To Your Home Security System

There is an old saying that fences make the best neighbors. While this may not be necessarily true, we do know fences can be a successful first line of defense in keeping your home and family safe. While the white picket fence may be attractive, not all fences are going to keep you secure. It makes no sense to install a fence that an intruder can see as an easy barrier to overcome. 

Choosing The Best Fence For Home Defense

When you are looking at securing your home, family, and property there are three primary features you should consider when purchasing a fence:

  1. The Fence Reduces Hiding Places: Ideally, you should be able to see through your fence to the other side. Criminals will often use privacy barriers for cover before entering a home. A chain link or wrought iron fence can offer protection and visibility.
  2. Safety Features: There are many safety features that prevent break-ins. These can include the height, spiked or pointed tops, and as few horizontal rails to prevent climbing.
  3. Secured: You want to make sure that the intruder cannot get in, out, or around your fence. Make sure you have concrete footings, the fence cannot be cut through, and that it has a secure gate with a lock. 

Why Your Average Wood Fencing Isn’t Enough

In many neighborhoods across the US, you see wood fences in the backyard. These are usually designed simply to keep the children safe in the yard. However, they are one of the least secure fences you can use. Burglars actually like that wooden fencing as it curtails sight lines allowing them to remain hidden easier. This is especially true if the homeowner has landscaped along the fence inside to make it more attractive. 

What Type Of Fencing Is Best For Security

Security experts recommend two types of fences, metal security fencing, and wire mesh fencing:

  1. Metal Security Fencing: This fencing has been around for over 100 years. It is sturdy, comes with a security topping that cannot be scaled. Has old world charm and several patterns are available. They are also durable and cost friendly. 
  2. Wire Mesh Fencing: clear view and line of sight, anti-climbing and minimal maintenance. It also has a more modern look than the metal security fence. The maintenance costs are low and they have a minimal impact on the surrounding area. There are three types of wire mesh fencing:
    • Rigid Wire Mesh: clear lines, different panel sizes, and the pattern can be customized to your needs.
    • Rigid Plastic Mesh:  are mostly used around swimming pools, terraces and balconies as well as plastic boundary fences.
    • Rigid Panel Mesh: Highly versatile, has a secure anti-climb, anti cut and high visibility factor in addition to being durable, inexpensive with low maintenance. 

Both of these fencing options are superior to a wooden fence. 

Consider Hiring A Security Professional

With so many options and choices it is a good idea to consult with a security professional. They can go over your property, determine your property’s weak points and make recommendations. Once your needs have been decided upon then you can discuss aesthetics and choose the option best for your needs and pocketbook. Fences can be further secured with motion sensors, surveillance cameras, and alarms. 

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