Keeping Your Hotel Secure And Your Guests Safe

Keeping Your Hotel Secure And Your Guests Safe

Even the highest rated hotels are vulnerable to cyber attacks, theft, fraud, break-ins and other crimes. Hotels have a duty to keep their guests safe from these attacks. If they cannot, they can quickly find themselves losing business and potentially facing litigation. As a hotel owner, it is vital for you to take all possible precautionary measures for safety and review your security programs on a regular basis. 

The Importance Of Having Good Security Systems In Your Hotel

When your guests check in their minds are preoccupied with vacation plans or meetings or that all important job interview. The last thing they are thinking of is that they or their possessions could be in jeopardy.  Hotels that do not maintain the highest levels of security, will find the will end up with more and more empty rooms. There are some steps you can take to ensure the safety of your guests and employees. 

What To Do To Increase Hotel Security

There are several things you can do to improve your hotel’s security and your customers safety. They include:

  1. Focus On Entryways And Exits: Ensure that you have security cameras strategically placed at all entrances and exits of your hotel. That would include your lobby doors, parking lot entrances and exits and elevators Periodically, update the locks on your doors including those to the room. 

  1. Installing Security Cameras In Public Access Areas: Where ever the public is allowed there should be cameras placed. This would include your lobby, restaurant, any laundry facilities and computer rooms. If there is a stranger lurking in your hotel you want to know.

  1. Implement Access Control: While it is illegal to place a security camera in your customers room; any other guest areas such as the swimming pool, hallways, workout rooms, and stairs. You do not want any unsavory characters hanging around where your guests frequent.

  1. Take Advantage Of The Latest Technology: Technology continues to move at lightning speed and you want to be sure you are using the latest. It is also important that you look into cybersecurity to make sure you and your guest's personal information is not compromised. 

  1. Include Your Parking Lot: Since many of your guests do arrive at night or leave when it is still dark outside; it is a good idea to have top of the line cameras in your parking lot. Consider a thermal or infrared camera that will video on the darkest night clearly. Besides monitoring your guests safety on the parking lot there are other benefits to a camera protected lot that include:

    • Preventing car theft and vandalism

    • Preventing theft of hotel property

    • Preventing false liability claims

    • Settling any collision disputes

Get The Help Of An Expert

When it comes to installing an entirely new security system or beefing up a pre-existing system, the experts at Dyezz Surveillance & Security will be happy to meet with you to examine what is needed to keep your guests and property safe. In today’s world of social media and high competition, it is not enough to have “clean rooms and WiFi”. A reputation of safety and security is paramount to your success and profitability.

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