Just Like Homes, Commercial Buildings Need Security Systems Too

August 9th, 2019

Homeowners go above and beyond to protect their families. Why wouldn't they? News stations all across the nation regularly have stories airing about shootings, robberies, and home invasions. One way folks go about accomplishing this feat is by installing security cameras. It is unreasonable to think that the devices can stop every criminal in his or her tracks.

After all, the equipment can't sprout limbs and place the individual under arrest. However, according to multiple researchers and studies, security systems deter criminal activities. So, if for nothing else, people decide to have cameras, motion detectors, and access control systems installed to send trespassers on down the road in search of a less secure place to rob or vandalize. It is equally as important for commercial buildings to take the same security measures. Read further to learn how organizations can benefit from obtaining a top-notch security system.

Cameras Can Prevent Shoplifting

Retail establishments always seem to have people coming and going. Without taking the appropriate security measures, the organization could be out of a lot of money when shoplifters are part of the equation. Research from the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention shows that these ventures cost U.S. businesses approximately $13 billion every year.

When security cameras are in place, the loss prevention team can spring into action as soon as they see an infraction. With any luck, they will catch the thief before he or she makes it out of the store. However, if a clean getaway does occur, the footage can be turned over to the police to identify the suspect and bring them to justice.

Nip Employee Theft In The Bud With Security Cameras Too

As if commercial property owners didn't have enough on their plates worrying about external threats, they have to fret over internal ones as well. Sometimes, a bad seed can slip through the cracks during the hiring process. The employee can steal money from the cash register, office supplies, or even products that are available for consumers to purchase.

These acts can prove to be extremely costly for the business, and if they continue to happen, again and again, the company may even have to shut its doors for good. Before it comes to that, the property owner can review the security camera videos to discover who is slipping a few bucks/items here or there or handing out discounts. Then, they will have the proof that they need to punish the worker appropriately and right the ship.

Access Control Is Worth Looking Into As Well

An access control system typically requires a person to enter a PIN or swipe a key card before gaining entrance or being able to exit a particular room. Therefore, it can limit the number of people going into an office containing sensitive data or a safe. Additionally, the system keeps track of what employee entered the room and when. Thus, if cash, valuables, or something else comes up missing, business owners know where to begin their suspect search. Also, if worker safety is a priority, the units can be installed at all entrances and exits to prevent those that don't belong from coming into the building.

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