How Safe Is Your Parking Lot?

March 14th, 2019

Your safety begins at your parking lot. Whether you own a commercial property based only in parking, or you manage a business property that includes a lot for employees, customers, or clients, all visitors to the property want to feel safe when going to or coming from their cars. In too many scenarios, parking lot security goes mostly ignored until a problem occurs, and the problem may have been avoided altogether if safety was prioritized from the jump. 

Parking lot safety audits let you know where you and your parking lot stand in terms of safety. From these audits, a parking lot manager can assess where he or she needs to go to ensure the most secure lot, and how their security measures can assist their lot to be more successful. 

Types Of Parking Lot Audits 

There are a few different types of parking lot audits one can opt for, and paying close attention to the top 3 will ensure the safest lot possible. The 3 types of parking lot audits to prioritize are: 

  1. Inspection audits – Parking lot inspection audits are also known as site audits, and they involve a professional visiting the lot to check out any needs for repair, if employees are carrying out operational best practices, if staff training is up to date, and if any areas are currently in non-compliance. These audits should be carried out during the day and during the night, as some red flags may not be as readily visible during different times.
    This type of audit should be carried out regularly and taken as a learning opportunity for parking lot management.

  2. Loss prevention audits – Loss prevention audits look at the procedures and protocols put into place in parking lots to minimize vandalism, theft, waste, and fraud. Employees are a lot’s best line of defense against loss, and will be assessed during your loss prevention audit. Employee education as it relates to loss prevention standards, suspicious behavior education, and situation handling will be reviewed.

  3. Safety and security – Safety and security auditing protects both the parking lot management and employees as well as users of the parking lot. Your safety and security audit will assess the levels of security your lot already has in place, as well as how these can be improved to provide better security going forward. Technology that requires updating, areas that require surveillance, and how your security will age over time will be addressed, along with what new technologies may suit your lot the best.

Keeping Secure In Any Lot 

Parking lots, regardless of size and location, can be kept secure when the right security measures are taken. Parking lot security audits ensure you’re taking just those right measures, and address your security concerns from every angle. Sometimes we may not be able to see holes in security protocol, and it’s the professional eye of an auditor that can point out these holes and lead you in the correct direction for filling them effectively.