Have You Considered Remote Monitoring For Your Business

December 13th, 2019

Remote monitoring is something that has become something of a mainstay in home security, but what about businesses of Austin, TX? Businesses of all sizes employ the help of security camera systems already, but many don’t realize that they could be keeping an eye on their businesses even better than they are already. Remote monitoring allows business owners to keep an eye on their businesses using a handy smartphone or tablet application, tuning them into their business in real-time from anywhere they may be.


Business owners of Austin, TX have many threats to contend with when it comes to protecting their biggest and most important investment. They need to consider employee theft, the potential for fraud, vandalism, and burglary, and that’s on top of the everyday business operations. Remote monitoring can help with all of these potential threats and more.


The Top 3 Benefits Of Remote Monitoring


There are a number of important benefits of remote monitoring for businesses of Austin, TX, but the top 3 of these are:


  1. Keep watch on employee theft – Employee theft is a major problem in the United States. 75% of employees have admitted to stealing from an employer at one point in their lives, and these thefts can cost businesses a great deal. When employees know that security camera systems feature remote monitoring, they know that they could be watched at any and all times, making them less likely to carry out their plans. If employee theft does happen, you’ll have all the evidence you need on your camera footage.


  1. Peace of mind wherever you are – Business owners deserve vacations, too, but it can be hard to tear yourself away from your business. You rely on your business to keep you going financially, and relinquishing that control for a vacation is easier said than done. With remote monitoring, however, you can always check-in whenever the mood strikes. While you’re taking some time to relax, you can use your remote monitoring application to make sure everything is going as it should back home.


  1. Keep an eye on things during a storm – When Mother Nature strikes, your business is left vulnerable to what she has in store. If you’re unable to be at your business during a severe storm, you can keep watch on what is happening from the safety of your own home. Flooding, fire, or wind damage can be monitored, with all the proof you need for your insurance company right there on the footage.


Remote Monitoring For Any Sized Business


Remote monitoring is a security layer that provides a number of benefits to businesses of any size. From the small corner store, to the big warehouse on the far side of town, business owners get peace of mind from what this technology provides. If you’re a business owner of the Austin, TX area and you’re looking to keep a closer eye on your business, contact us at Dyezz Surveillance & Security to learn more today.