Choosing The Best Security Cameras For Your Business

February 7th, 2020

Let’s face it, when it comes to your Austin business security is an imperative expense. If you cannot protect your assets, you can’t really be profitable. Today’s video cameras for businesses are more effective, intelligent and affordable than ever. With current technology even,  a small business owner can have access to powerful surveillance systems at an affordable price.

Buying And Implementing A New System


When it comes to purchasing and implementing a new system, you want one that is customizable to meet your Austin business’ specific needs. Do you need a system that  can cover multiple locations?  Alternatively, will you just need a few cameras to monitor your store front? There is a solution for every business type and size. 


Benefits Of Surveillance Cameras


A surveillance camera will deter criminals and help law enforcement catch any intruders. However, another benefit is that surveillance cameras also improve the accountability of your employees, allowing  you to monitor productivity. In addition, most Austin insurance companies will give you a discount on your business insurance if you have a surveillance system.


Surveillance Cameras 101


It is important that you do understand that there are two types of security cameras: Internet protocol or IP cameras and Analog Cameras. So let’s look at some of the differences between the two.


  1. Camera Resolution:


IP cameras resolutions are more powerful than analog cameras which gives you a clearer image. IP cameras run between 1 megapixel and 5 megapixels where analogs run at about one half of a megapixel. Generally, IP cameras generally have a larger field of vision than analog.


  1. Video analytics:


Video analytics is only available in IP cameras. Video analytics allows for mobile notifications and automatically records any movement within the camera's field of vision. This is especially beneficial when your business is closed and you want to know if someone is inside the premises. This system also allows you to send notifications to your smartphone with a copy of the recorded message, no matter where you are located.


  1. Power Over Ethernet Switch:


IP cameras can be connected to what is called a “power over ethernet” (PoE) switch. This enables you to both send data from the camera and provides the power to it. With an analog camera you need a switch to run the signal from the camera as well as a separate power source. So with an analog camera, you will need to place it near a power source. PoE switches are considered a more secure way to transmit your data.


There are so many more aspects to examine when choosing a system. The location of the cameras, digital versus network video recorders, camera resolutions, to name a few. You need to decide if you want your security surveillance inside, outside the building or both.


There are so many factors that choosing to go with a qualified, experienced surveillance company is your best option. The expert technicians at Dyezz Surveillance and Security have experience in all types and sizes of businesses. With over 25 years of experience in Austin you can be assured you will have the customized video security camera installation for your property. We can also assist you in updating your current system with the latest technology. Call us today to see how we can help with your business needs.