Cameras Do More Than Make Your Business Secure

Cameras Do More Than Make Your Business Secure

Anyone that runs a business in Austin, TX, knows that security is an important part of success. You can’t always rely on things running exactly as they should, and if you are prepared for the possibility that you could be targeted for crime, you can do a lot to prevent that crime from ever taking place.

Security camera systems are one of those things that can benefit any business in Austin, TX. They provide a deterrence, discouraging criminals from even attempting a crime, but, even if a crime is carried about, security cameras can capture important information that can lead to a successful investigation and prosecution.

But security cameras can help your business in ways you may not even have imagined. Here’s how.

Protection From Fraud

Premises liability is the law that states if someone is injured on a property by a hazard that the business owners knew about but took no action to fix, then that accident victim must be compensated by the business. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous people use this as an excuse to fake accidents and coerce businesses into compensation they don’t need to pay.

Security cameras are great at protecting against this type of fraudulent claim. There have been instances where unsuspecting criminals were caught pulling drink products out of fridges, spilling them on the floor, and slipping on them, not realizing that their entire scam has been filmed to dispute their claim completely.

Business Efficiency Analysis

If you’re looking for more ways to improve the way your business operates, security cameras can help. For example, if your customers complain about long waits before being served, you can consult security footage to see how your store operates.

You may realize that while your staff is working as hard as possible, there may not be enough points of sale available for other staff members to help ease traffic during busy hours. Alternatively, you may realize that by insisting that staff members perform one action in a particular way, it is slowing down their ability to process orders incoming from clients. By watching the actual workflow in action, you can see where “bottlenecks” occur, and this helps you to formulate solutions to address the issue.

Dispute Resolution

One of the best things about the proliferation of cameras is that it often negates the confusion of a “my word against yours” dispute. For example, in instances where a fight breaks out, both parties involved may insist the other person struck the first blow, which, of course, means one person is lying.

However, with security cameras, especially with newer models that can also record audio, this type of claim can be quickly investigated and resolved by reviewing the footage. Not only does this settle any arguments of who said and did what first, but it can also protect your customers, or your employees, from deceitful tactics meant to take advantage of others by hurling false accusations.

There’s no disputing the safety of using security cameras for your business in Austin, TX. But if you want to do more, reach out to us, and we can help you find the security solution that keeps you safe and improves your business practices. 

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