Business Security Features You Need to Have

Business Security Features You Need to Have

If you are going to take the initiative and invest in a security system for your business in Austin, TX, then you want to be sure you are getting the best with all the features you want. Since technology is continually evolving, these higher end security systems are becoming more and more affordable.

So, whether you are in the market for an upgrade or you need to purchase your first security system for your business, the following are just a few features you will want to make sure to have:

High Definition

The cameras won't mean much if the footage you capture is low quality, grainy, and hard to see. You want a system with cameras that allow for high-definition images that offer the clarity you and your business need.

High definition cameras can provide well-defined images with clear details such as the facial features of the criminal as well as a good image of their clothing. With these clear images, you will have a much better chance of being able to hold the criminal accountable.

Motion Sensors

You never want to run the risk of missing out on footage because the batteries in your system run down because it is always on. A good energy saving solution to this problem is investing in a system that features motion sensors. The recording will only turn on when the sensors pick up on movement. It will not record or waste batteries if there is no detectable movement.


In areas with adverse weather conditions, it is essential to have a system that can withstand this type of weather while always operating at optimal levels. The equipment should be waterproof and operable through any weather in Austin, TX.

Wireless Technology

If you have wireless technology, you can access your security system from anywhere, and at any time you want with Wi-Fi. If you are unable to be at the location, you can check the footage from your mobile device from anywhere you have an internet connection. Another benefit to wireless technology is being able to install the system wherever you need it the most because you will not have to worry about wires or cables.

Alert System

Alongside remote access to your video footage, you should also find a system that allows you the opportunity for mobile interactive alerts. Push notifications are sent to your mobile device when something suspicious is happening, and it also provides you a link to quickly view the video footage for much faster response times. You will also have the ability to stop alerts for nonthreatening instances so you can cut down on the times that the authorities are notified.

Customizing Your Surveillance System

Depending on the needs of your business, there are many features you will want to have.  The features we have listed above are a good starting off point for when you decide to purchase an entirely new surveillance system for your business or upgrade your current system in Austin, TX.


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