Breaking Down Your Small Business Security Systems Budget

Breaking Down Your Small Business Security Systems Budget

For many small businesses, taking on security might seem like a big task. Afterall, your budget is limited, and this investment might seem like one that is simply too big for where your business is today. However, what many small business owners don’t realize is that just one incident can be more costly than any security system installation investment. A single robbery or severe case of vandalism can cost a small business owner their business, and this is something an investment in security can reasonably prevent. 

It’s important to remember that business security systems come in all different shapes and sizes. What you may need for a small business isn’t the same as what might be needed for a major corporation, and the budget you’d need to allocate is much different as well. Some security is better than no security, and there are solutions fitting for every need and every budget. 

What You May Need For Your Small Business 

When you’re looking at your security budget, you’ll want to prioritize the best solutions for your small business. While the best solutions may be different for different businesses, there are some solutions that typically do the best work across the board. Some security elements you may want to prioritize for your small business security budget include: 

  • Video surveillance – Video surveillance is a necessity in just about all business or residential security strategies. These monitor your property, inside and out, and capture footage should anything occur. This footage can then be used as evidence against a criminal to ensure justice is served, as well as evidence to insurance companies so you can recoup your losses. With video surveillance, you also protect your business against instances of employee theft.

Video surveillance systems can also be highly affordable, with do-it-yourself security cameras running between $300 and $750. However, it is typically recommended that your installation is left to the professionals to ensure it’s done correctly. 

  • Intrusion detection alarms – Intrusion detection alarms ensure no one is breaking into your property during off-hours, which can protect you from both vandalism and theft. When intrusion is detected, the system will alert authorities on your behalf.

Intrusion detection alarms will differ in price depending on the size of the property you want protected and the features of the system. The price can be as low as $100, but range as high as a couple thousand dollars per month. 

  • Computer security systems – Information theft is just as damaging as theft of physical property, and computer security systems ensure your data is secure. The cost for computer security can be as low as $30 per year, with more complex systems going up to a couple hundred dollars per year. This important security layer tends to be highly affordable for small businesses.

Keep Yourself Protected 

Keeping your business investment protected is your only path to success. If you’ve been considering small business security, call us at Dyezz Surveillance & Security for a solution that works for you today. 

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