Away From The Desk Successfully Managing The Business Remotely

April 24th, 2020

During this time of a pandemic crisis, a lot of businesses have been forced to conduct remote operations to keep their employees safe. However, the suddenness of what has happened may have left a few businesses reeling from the unique experience of remote work.


While there are some businesses that can easily switch gears, there are also those that rely on production and services. These are businesses that are based predominantly on the labor and production conduction on site. If you are managing a business that needs to shift part of the work to a more remote setting, here are a few ways to prepare your team with the security protocols they will need to keep in mind.


Installing and Monitoring the Latest Security Patches


The IT staff is one of the most valuable during times of crisis, as they will be in charge of keeping the peace in security and software systems. However, remote work makes this trickier because employees will be spread out, and communication limited mostly through apps and other software. Thus, this is where the importance of regular checkups and security installations lie. When there is an emergency or even the threat of one in Austin, IT always needs to prepare the software of employees, because sudden developments like quarantines and remote work may happen.


Make Your Team Aware of All Possible Security Issues


While good practices dictate that the company already provide all the necessary security measures that their employees will need, it is just as important to outline the protocols on by one. Reminders of practicing proper skepticism when it comes to emails and messages are more important now than ever.


Phishing has come to evolve in many different ways. The many news about the current developments of the crisis prompts people to keep themselves updated. This means that reading news and updates from various sources is almost second nature. With that, employees need to be extra careful when opening emails or clicking links, because this is where they can endanger their hardware and potentially their data if it is compromised. With IT personnel also working from home in Austin, it will take a longer response time, which could be crucial for the business.


Securing The Business Even When No One’s There


To ensure that your store’s physical security issues are met, the best thing to do would be to make use of proper security cameras and protocols. If you are managing a business that requires operations in Austin, it is good to utilize security systems and make them work for your employees and your company.


Make sure your security cameras’ software is up-to-date so that you can also monitor the work that is done onsite, in case you are unable to access the company. Security cameras can also be a way for employers to be in constant communication with employees, especially if the hardware allows for two-way communication. 


Ensure the safety of your workplace and your employees. Start by getting only the best in security solutions like Dyezz Surveillance & Security. Get a quote for a security upgrade and work more seamlessly and worry-free during this time.