Are Security Guards The Best Fit For Your Business?

Are Security Guards The Best Fit For Your Business?

Security guards used to be something of a security standard for many businesses for many years. You might see them guarding the entrances of high profile businesses and banks, even in the Austin, TX area. The issue with security guards, however, is that they’re human, so by default they’re also subject to human fault. 

The Human Problem Of Security Guards

Where we’ve progressed in technology is that today’s advanced tech can get jobs done without the risk of human error. There have been a number of incidents involving security guards in recent years, with a few of them being: 

  • Dallas Home Depot incident – In April of 2018, a suspect was able to shoot two police officers inside of a Home Depot store in Dallas, Texas. This resulted in the families of the officers suing the Home Depot store, the security company, and the security guards for various damages. The officers were under the impression that the security guards guarding the Home Depot store had detained the suspect and checked him for weapons, which they actually had not thoroughly enough. Found on the suspect was a can of mace, but the security guards had missed the gun entirely. The suspect then shot both officers, killing one and injuring another. 

  • Las Vegas jewelry store incident – In January of 2017, a 57-year-old employee was working in the store at the time a robber came in and tried to burglarize the establishment. The security guard on duty attempted to shoot the robber, but missed hitting the employee instead. The employee was struck in the chest and taken to Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center where she eventually succumbed to her injuries. 

  • Montreal municipal building incident – In January of 2016, two security guards were working opposite shifts at the local municipal building in Montreal. Neither security guard on duty properly patrolled the area, and neither noticed a window left open in the building’s daycare center. The room had a window open, which lead pipes to freeze and burst resulting in over $1,000,000 in flood damages. 

  • Miami Bloomingdales incident – In February of 2018, a teenage girl was shopping in a Miami Bloomingdales. After trying on clothes, the girl left the clothing she was uninterested in hanging in the dressing room, and went to exit the store after she was finished. Just outside of the store, the store’s security guard, and accused of shoplifting merchandise physically tackled her. She was found to have no merchandise on her person. 

The Benefit Of Security Systems

With these incidents in mind, it can be easy to see how security guards and human error can lead to big potential problems for Austin, TX businesses. Live video monitoring, remote access surveillance systems, and even access control could help to avoid these incidents, and they can be used alone or alongside security guards for additional security layers. To learn more about the many benefits of today’s Austin modern tech security solutions, contact us at Dyezz Surveillance & Security today. 

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