7 Benefits Of Restaurant Security Cameras

7 Benefits Of Restaurant Security Cameras

Austin restaurants have constant traffic funneling through their entrance. ACL, SXSW, and countless other events lead to more patrons dining at local and franchise establishments, but most owners wouldn't have it any other way because their profits soar. Unfortunately, these types of businesses must also deal with dilemmas like employees stealing or consumers eating and dashing without paying for the bill. More and more restaurants and food trucks are installing security cameras to monitor activities, deter threats, and prevent crimes from happening in the building or around the premises. We've created a list of the 7 reasons Austin restaurants need a security camera.

Cut Down On Employee Theft

Regardless of whether the place is a fast food establishment or a fine dining experience, the chances are that one or more employees will attempt to take something home with them. First, just having the equipment is enough to discourage people from stuffing their pockets with jellies, napkins, or more expensive items. However, if the worker attempts such a crime anyway, the whole thing will be caught on tape. This evidence gives managers the proof that they need to fire the employee, garnish wages, or contact the authorities when required.  


No Industry Is Exempt From Disgruntled Ex-Employees

Restaurants tend to have low employee retention rates. Chefs, hosts, waitresses/waiters, and bartenders come and go on a regular basis. An ex-worker may feel as if they were treated unfairly or wrongly fired. The person knows the ins and outs of the business, and they could easily come by after hours for revenge. Owners with restaurant security cameras will have captured the entire event on video, and they can turn the file over to the proper authorities to ensure that justice is served.  


Deter Inappropriate actions and behaviors 

Sexual harassment claims account for approximately 10,000 of the cases that are reported to the Equal Opportunity Commission annually. The results of these claims can become extremely expensive for restaurant owners. Security cameras can nip fraudulent claims in the bud by providing evidence to dismiss the event. Don't let false allegations threaten the business you worked so hard to build. Instead, protect yourself with a high-quality security system. 


Reduce Workplace Violence

Bullying and violence are not only problems within schools. Many people partake in inappropriate activities while at the office too. By knowing that security cameras are watching and looking for suspicious behavior, fewer people will misbehave and break company policies.  


Boost Productivity And Efficiency

Restaurant security cameras reduce the amount of time that managers have to spend monitoring. Thus, they can tend to more pressing matters at hand that are beneficial to the company. The equipment keeps employees motivated and reduces instances of horseplay. 


Stop Overpouring In Its Tracks

Servers and bartenders may be inclined to overpour drinks on slow nights. This small gesture can lead to bigger tips for the individual, but it can be very costly to the restaurant. Security cameras are effective at discouraging such behaviors, but they are also useful for recording the event for evidence too.   

Reduce Fraudulent Lawsuits

Restaurants are known for having slippery floors. They are the ideal location for a person to claim they sustained an injury from a slip and fall. By monitoring the building, the owners will be able to refer back to the footage to determine if the person is being truthful, and if not, they have the proof they need to get the case dismissed.  


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