How Access Control Technology Is More Secure Than Ever

How Access Control Technology Is More Secure Than Ever

Commercial security has changed a lot over the years in Austin, TX. The use of technology that controls building entry has made keyless entry one of the biggest advancements in modern times. Early access control models are becoming outdated, however. Today’s technology offers worthy replacements that provide many of the following advantages.  

Lowers Installation Costs  

If your business adopted access control systems for commercial security in its early stages, you’re likely in need of an update. Modern access control systems are easy to retrofit, with even lower installation costs. Early systems had elaborate wiring requirements that have now been replaced by engineering that is simpler. Today, security integrators need only to replace the door locking hardware with the access control reader. Thanks to wireless technology, it’s far more affordable for any business to implement. 

Provides Expansive Scalability  

When access control first rolled out to commercial facilities in large properties they posed a complex challenge compared to small businesses. Today’s security companies can implement anything from small, single door applications to large networked systems that cover large campuses. Thanks to expansive scalability, access control security systems can be used in: 

  • Elevators 
  • Parking lots and garages 
  • Public buildings 
  • Private residences 
  • Security gates  

    Works With New Card Applications 

    Organizations that want to add new applications such as time and attendance, secure print management, and biometrics to their access control can make that change. Issuing a smart card to users that combines access control with these or other functions can enable employees to carry a single card for many purposes. Administration of these functions is centralized into one efficient and cost-effective system. Organizations also can seamlessly add logical access control for network logon to create a fully interoperable, multi-layered security solution across company networks, systems, and facilities. 

    Makes Facility Consolidation Easier  

    Most company acquisitions require rebranding and the integration of new processes, technologies, and systems. This likely includes the need to reissue access control credentials.  Investing in new technology is akin to the cost of integrating two separate systems, providing the right opportunity to create a single system that is more secure.  

    Improves Re-Issuance Processes 

    As new employees come in, organizations may manage costs by purchasing additional access control cards that work with their old technology. However, some organizations may need to change cards due to a new logo or brand. This provides an excellent opportunity to update to an access control system that gets all employees and facilities on board with the newest technologies. 

    Has Plenty Of Customizable Options  

    When it comes to modern access control systems for your facility, there is a wide variety of options available to meet your needs. If you don’t like the use of digital cards, you can choose to use key fobs. Biometric access control, such as fingerprint and facial recognition, is becoming more popular in commercial security. When it’s time to update your outdated access control systems, consider your options and step into the future.  

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